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Morro de São Paulo o paraíso na Bahia

Welcome to Morro de São Paulo
the paradise in Bahia!

One of the most beautiful islands in Bahia

Prime location

Morro's privileged geographic location was the scene of attacks by several French and Dutch squadrons. Because of this, the fort of Morro de São Paulo was built , to serve as protection for both the village and the Baía de Todos os Santos. The geographic importance of the island during the colonial period justifies the wealth of historical monuments , today, protected by the National Historic Landmark .

Nature and action together!

The beaches of Morro de São Paulo are visited by tourists from all over the world . But in addition to enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the beaches, you can still find buzz on the island. Every day there is a different party . Morro de São Paulo is a place for all tastes , with tranquility, parties, sports and lots of nature. No wonder that with each passing year, more and more people want to know this paradise.

Morro de São Paulo is a unique destination , where you will find everything you need to spend a great vacation: history, nature, wonderful beaches, tranquility, leisure and dozens of activities and places to visit that you won't see in any other destination. It is located on Ilha de Tinharé, in the municipality of Cairu, just 64 km south of Salvador, Bahia. On the island you can feel nature up close, in addition to totally forgetting the rush of cities . There are no cars around here, the transfer is done on foot and access is exclusively by air or sea. The region is known as Costa do Dendê and is considered the third tourist hub in Bahia . Thus, it receives tourists from all over the world looking for tranquility, idyllic beaches, luxury hotels and cozy inns , in addition to everything Morro de São Paulo has to offer its visitors.

What to take to Morro de São Paulo?

Morro de São Paulo is synonymous with beach, heat and hype, but to make the most of your trip, you don't need to take a loaded suitcase. We made a post with  everything you should take (and what you shouldn't) to spend a few days in Morro de São Paulo .

  • slippers and flats;

  • bathing suits;

  • yoke;

  • sunscreen, repellent;

  • sunglasses;

  • cap;

  • water bottle;

  • shorts or shorts;

  • t-shirts or blouses;

  • light dresses;

  • a blouse or light sweater;

  • sneakers or very comfortable shoes.


Carry all this in a backpack, forget about rolling suitcases because this will hinder your arrival, however, if you need it, there are porters that can help.​  In short, take a little something and enjoy the lightness of Morro de São Paulo!

Weather in Morro de São Paulo

The climate in the village favors tourism all year round. December, January and February are the hottest months with less rain , while May, June and July are the wettest months.

Even so, it is a period when it is not cold, the minimum temperature rarely reaches 21°C, even in winter.

If during your stay in Morro de São Paulo it starts to rain, don't despair, there are always activities you can do  regardless of time. Besides, the rains are usually temporary, and you will be able to enjoy the sun again.

Clima em Morro de São Paulo

What to know before going to Morro de São Paulo?

So far you already know a lot about the destination, but before going to Morro, you need to know a few other things so that your trip runs smoothly. Check out our recommendations:


  1. Choose the place where you will stay according to the activities you want to do. For example, if you are looking for more entertainment, stay on Second Beach, however, if you want more peace, stay on Wednesday.

  2. The gastronomic offer of Morro is abundant, has options for all tastes, but if your intention is to save money, avoid eating on the beaches , when you move away from the seaside you will find more economical options.

  3. Remember to bring suitable footwear for long walks . If you want to know the island, there's nothing better than walking. After all, there are no motor vehicles, so enjoy the good walks.

  4. The fee for tourists entering the island (TUPA) is charged upon arrival or when purchasing a catamaran trip. The value varies between R$ 15.00 and R$ 20.00 , but you need to keep the receipt, so as not to be charged more than once.

  5. Although many establishments accept cards, bring cash , as there are no bank branches in Morro.

  6. Know that the electrical network, if you need it, is 220V .


These are the most important points you need to know before your trip, but if you want to know even more, check out our post on the topic:

What to know before going to Morro de São Paulo ?

Quantos dias é o ideal para ficar em Morro de São Paulo?

How many days is the ideal to stay in Morro de São Paulo?

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Morro de São Paulo and how many days you should stay will depend on the type of trip you want.  to do.  We believe that 3 days is the minimum of the minimum you can stay in this destination, as in less time, you will not be able to truly enjoy anything from the destination. Bear in mind that catamarans arrive from 11 am and when you return you will not be able to leave after 3 pm, so don't count the day you arrive or the day you leave .


Apart from these two days, you need to consider that there are 5 beautiful beaches for you to visit. Visiting all of them is ideal, as they are all very different, but if it is not possible, at least plan to know the first 4 . Get organized not only to visit them quickly, but also to enjoy them. Also see if you want to visit the other beaches on the other side of the island. There, there are also wonderful and different beaches that will give an alternative touch to your trip.


There's also the famous Morro de São Paulo ballads and the luau at Segunda Praia , twice a week, you won't want to miss it, will you? So set aside one more day.​  And all the other activities around here? Ziplining, diving, an adventure program such as the Mangue Riders, the tour to see the humpback whale , the quad bike to Boipeba, the trip around the island, among many other tours and activities that you can enjoy. So, plan your trip well so that you don't leave anything you want to do.


Still in doubt? so see our  Itinerary of 3, 5 and 7 days for you to choose how many days to stay in Morro de São Paulo .

Tourist tax in Morro de São Paulo

Upon arriving in Morro de São Paulo, visitors must pay a fee , known as TUPA (Tariff for Use of the Heritage of the Archipelago). This fee does not have a fixed amount and varies between R$ 15.00 and R$ 20.00 per visitor , according to the number of tourists in the Tinharé archipelago. However, you only pay once per visit, so keep your voucher when you go on boat trips around the region.

What is the cheapest way to get to Morro de São Paulo from Salvador?

The cheapest way to get to Morro de São Paulo from Salvador is going through Valença , for that you can take the following route:

The first step is to arrive at the Terminal Marítimo de São Joaquim , in the Baixa city of Salvador, and take the ferry to the Terminal de Bom Despacho . The rate per person is R$ 5.10 from Monday to Friday and R$ 6.70 on weekends and holidays. The trip takes half an hour.


Once you have arrived in Bom Despacho, you only need to walk a few minutes to the bus station, which is next door, and take a bus to the city of Valença. The trip takes approximately 2 hours and you can take the Viação Águia Branca or the Viação Cidade Sol. The ticket costs around R$ 30.00. In Valença you should go to the pier to take the speedboat to Morro, the speedboat price varies between R$ 25.00 and R$ 30.00, since on Sundays and holidays the value is a little higher. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes .


If you prefer to save money, you can take the slow boat, the trip takes approximately 1 hour and a half and the ticket costs less than R$ 15.00. As you can see, this is the most economical way to get from Salvador to Morro, with only R$ 50.00 you can reach the destination.

Location of Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is located at  Tinharé island , in the municipality of Cairu and belongs to the state of Bahia . The village is located in the south west of Salvador , approximately 63 km away and as it is on an island, the only way to get there is by sea or air.

The city on the continent that is closest to Morro de São Paulo is Valença and the closest starting point to the village is the Bom Jardim dock. From that point, a speedboat takes about 15 minutes to reach Morro de São Paulo.


The island of Tinharé, where the village of Morro de São Paulo is located, is part of the archipelago of the same name, and of the 26 islands that make it up, only three are inhabited :


Of them, Tinharé Island is the one with the biggest tourist movement , thanks to the village of Morro de São Paulo that attracts visitors all year round .

Morro de São Paulo is not the only village on Ilha de Tinharé, besides it, there are other villages on the island that also receive tourists. Most visitors stay in Morro de São Paulo and go to neighboring villages on tours and excursions to see the beaches and other attractions in the places.

Localização de Morro de São Paulo

There are no motor vehicles in Morro de São Paulo , but there are some alternatives for those staying at Quarta Praia or Praia do Encanto, since the hotels located there have a shuttle service for their guests. However, it should be noted that Morro de São Paulo is a destination to enjoy hiking . The distances are not long and the walks allow you to better experience the wonderful landscape of the place . For this reason, come prepared with comfortable shoes and slippers and venture out to enjoy the village's paths. And don't forget, repellent and sunscreen are essential!

How to get around in Morro de São Paulo?

when to go to
Morro de São Paulo?

Morro de São Paulo is a city that can be visited at any time of the year , as the temperature generally varies between 21 °C and 30 °C. However, during spring and summer there is less chance of rain . This means that the best months to visit the village are between September and March .

Within this period we can choose November as the best month to go to Morro de São Paulo . This is because it is a month of high temperatures, but still considered as low season, for this reason, you will find greater discounts on all services offered and places with less affluence of people.

If you go during high season, make your reservations in advance , so you can guarantee a greater variety of options and not run the risk of running out of place for the tours you want to do on the date of your choice.

Quando ir a Morro de São Paulo?

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